For all our service maintenance and repairs work we operate a simple four stage process...

Stage 1 - Diagnosis

In order for us to resolve the problems you are experiencing with your PC, notebook, netbook or other device a thorough diagnosis needs to be undertaken.  Typically this takes anywhere between thirty minutes to several hours for intermittent faults.  Once our engineers are satisfied that we have completed the diagnosis we move onto stage two.

Stage 2 - Initial Feedback

We will then contact you to discuss what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix the problem or problems.  At this point we will give you a FIXED price for the repair.  You do not need to have the work carried out you can simply choose to pay the diognostic charge, if though you do choose to have the work undertaken we will then discount the diagnosis charge.

Stage 3 - Repair

We will then complete the agreed repair and test the device to ensure that everything is now working correctly.  This will be done in line with the cost and time scale provided during our diagnosis feedback discussion.

Stage 4 - Collection

We will then contact you again to let you know that your computer is ready to be collected. On collection we will summarise again what has been done and answer any remaining questions that you may have.  You will be charged what we agreed and not a penny more! 

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