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We strongly recommend to all our existing customers that they bring their computer, notebook or netbook in for antivirus renewal, rather than simply renewing online. By bringing it in, we can recommend what, from first-hand experience, is in our opinion the best antivirus software package. Then, by asking us to re-new on your behalf, you avoid having to subscribe to automatic renewal which requires you to provide up to date credit card information. This is used to pay for the initial renewal and is then retained for automatic renewal. Trying to cancel the auto-renewal facility of any of the antivirus providers is often a very time consuming and stressful experience. There are numerous "pit-falls" to renewing on-line as recent TV programmes have also pointed out and we do not recommend it.

We will however ensure that the latest version of the selected antivirus programme is installed, registered, configured and optimised. It will then be up to you, with our help if you want it, where you choose to place your business in twelve months time. 


For more information on why you should bring your computer to us for antivirus renewal, or simply to book it in now, please contact us

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