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Are you the sort of person that enjoys modern and system intensive games but do not have the hardware capable of running them? A Custom Built computer from Blue Moon Computers is the next step to take.

Games such as Microsoft Flight and Train Simulator 2015 require a certain level of performance that is only attainable with a modern and powerful computer. Simulation games generally place a large emphasis on realism, which is why a powerful computer is important because it allows the game to be played at max graphical settings which allow for the best possible gaming experience.



How much control do you get?

If you prefer to have absolute control over the specifics of your new gaming computer you can outline the components that you would like and then we will do the rest

Flight Simulator

Enjoy soaring through the skies at 60 Frames per Second. Requires a powerful computer.



Dota 2

Popular game by Valve



Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 requires some powerful hardware in order to run smoothly on large maps.



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